Thursday 26 May 2011

all is calm

Special thanks to all those people who graciously recorded history. Some of the images in this feature are public images. Some came to my email from a friend.

enjoy one of my favorite songs and performers...
for your listening pleasure: "Holy Night"
performed by: Tommy Fleming


  1. This is so full of memories from before I was born. Thank you for thinking of making this part of history so special.

  2. Beautiful and poignant. War is NEVER great. It is never nice. While some believe it is necessary and the last day of this world, the Lord and His heavenly army will war with Satan and his army, defeating him and locking him up in hell. Other than that, war IS hell.
    There will always be wars and rumors of wars. But we can pray for peace. Love you for your caring and goodness. You have seen the worst of mankind's hatred for each other. WWII was the worst so far, but it could get worse. We just have to have faith, that the Lord will reign and has ALL THE WORLD in His hands. Love JJ


    see my comments
    - made of old german MP's of the WW II. -